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Agony of a craving mother

Agony of a craving mother
Agony of a woman undergoing infertility treatment
“I have tried each and every possible medicine on my feeble body despite of all the scary contradictions written on the leaflet. I left my job to reduce stress, I left eating all the food I loved as they say that heavy weight reduces the possibility, I forgot how to live just for you, waiting for you to show up in my uninhabited womb and give me that prodigious feeling of motherhood, that stunning, beautiful emotion which every woman yearns to feel at least once in her life. But you never even looked at me, you tiny stubborn embryo!  Your mom has been going through a hell lot of suffering but they’ll all vanish in a second once you decide to come in her life. I’m worn-out of going through that same trauma, same torture every month, same routine of seeing all my hopes smashed to smithereens. My dear baby, please choose to give me the pleasure of being your mother. I swear I would love you more than anyone else in the world.”
These are the excerpts from the diary of Gina*(taken with her permission) who has been going through infertility treatment since last 4 years and is now dragging herself into the vicious cycle of depression with every passing day. Her faith and strong optimistic nature is all that has allowed her to come this far. But no matter how strong you are, it is understandable that moments of despair and gloom come into the life of such couples sporadically.
Fortunately, nowadays our medical science has progressed so much that all kinds of treatment options are available across the counter and infertility is no longer an inexplicable problem. Thus, hope and patience is the key to the door of beatitude and contentment. The even-steven prospect of all the efforts going futile is the biggest fear of the couple, especially the mother as she starts holding herself responsible for all the miseries.
But, the foremost important thing to be remembered while going through the treatment is to keep oneself emotionally as well as physically healthy and strong. The problem of infertility is so common these days due to our sedentary and desk-bound lifestyle that no one is actually responsible for it. What is to be kept in mind is that despite of our extremely busy routines, it is always advised to spend at least 30-45 minutes out of the 24 hours for physical activity. There should be an inclusion of meditation and breathing exercises also for a peaceful and healthy mind. This would swipe away all the negativity and apprehensiveness from the mind giving it a fresh energy for a fresh start. Also, the diet should include lots of fluids and a colorful bowl of fruits. Keeping a tab on the health of your mind-body-soul is the best way to maximize the success of any treatment.                

*name changed on request.

This Blog is Authored By Charu Agarwal 

Charu Agarwal is a holistic health guide and life coach. She has done masters in Clinical Psychology and is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from California Hypnosis Institute, USA. She has also completed an online course in Psychological First Aid from John Hopkins University and on Child Health & Nutrition from Stanford University via Coursera.

Her core areas of expertise are motivational counselling, relationship guidance, clinical hypnotherapy, stress management, handwriting analysis, dream interpretation, meditative healing and psychological assessment. Her ambition is to break the stigma associated with psychological problems and bring awareness about mental health in India and outside.

Primarily, she practices clinical hypnotherapy and other psychotherapeutic modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Retraining & Supportive Therapy. Apart from these, she also performs Handwriting Analysis and Dream Interpretation. She has an expertise in making use of Graphology(Handwriting analysis) as a tool for Psychological assessment as she believes that one’s handwriting is the mirror to their subconscious mind and can help give a more clear picture of their personality.
She firmly believes in the healing power of psychotherapeutic and alternative healing practices and with less than 2 years of experience in the industry and hypnotherapy, she has already carved a place for herself with her clients.
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