Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Is stress beating your heart-beat?

Mukesh 45, a successful business leader from one of the best management consultancies.  At first stance no one can find out how much stressed he was, a very calm and empathetic person, reasonably decent lifestyle. But he is not happy not at all, at home and at work, happiness is out of question !
Most of the clients (I don’t like calling them patients) enter our chamber are not stressed or anxious or depressed, but then why they do suffer....?
Answer is ‘Denial’!
One of the chief triggers for stress is ‘denial’,
This leads to confusion, inability to de-clutter, inability to prioritise, so of course it impacts your decision making capabilities.
Let’s understand denial first:
We stay in denial by not accepting our ‘job profile’.  We think it is stress, but it is the way our particular job needs us to do. Choosing attitude towards same job is all about wisdom.
We deny the gestation period and except perfect results prematurely.
We deny people management, we think being nice and kind to others is people management, no its not. People Management includes understanding people’s intentions, their potential, their limitations, their insecurities, their strength and their differences.
We deny self-awareness and Improvement.
We deny our own insecurities & limitations.
We deny reality of work-ecosystem.
Now take slow three deep breaths.
Inhale.......(positivity) pause.....and exhale ( negativity)...and repeat it.
Now accept that things are going to be like have to create a new perspective and new YOU.

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