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Healthcare: no Room for Mistakes Five mistakes all Healthcare Marketers do

# Healthcare Marketing Strategies part 1

Healthcare: no Room for Mistakes
Five mistakes all Healthcare Marketers do

Healthcare! Sensitivity of this business is highly ignored by marketers.
It’s not just health, hospitality counts more than right disease management.
There is no room for mistakes!!! A healthcare marketer has to face lot many challenges, managing ego of doctors, corporate clients, patients and their family, quacks and not to miss media.
This industry is getting attention of investors, needless to say seeing potential in India. Unfortunately healthcare providers are missing the soul of marketing. Bridging the gap is not a rocket science, before making actions change in thoughts required.
Marketing is more than raising sales and bringing business. Here I am talking about five common mistakes almost all small or big corporate hospitals making day to day basis.
1-      Thinking front office is different from marketing  
No inclusion of front office executives in marketing team: This is probably the biggest mistake I notice every hospital making.
Front office; the face of hospital, should be led by passionate marketer professionals but objectives from hiring to training to grooming are just aligned with billing, smiling and better communication skills.
Grooming passion is important more, if you seek better services for your client you need to convey about core values of relationship development with customers.

2-      Promotional Events are not aligned with the vision of hospital
Each communication from hospital stimulate public to create perception and defines hospitals’ value system. Generally there are not defined and structured goals (tangible or intangible) from an event small or large.
3-      Reaching same population again and again
One of the most stupid strategy, events are not utilized to enter new market, reaching same population does not add much value.

4-      Underutilization of existing system
Not using current resources appropriately, lack of integration while designing strategy. Inability to understand role of comprehensive and integrated efforts to achieve desired goals.
5-      Imposing your need to clients :
Mostly products/events/programs are designed according to hospitals’ need without understanding clients’ need. The gap generally lead to create a disconnect in patient’s mind and hospital also bear loss of resources- time and money for promoting events.

Organizations do not have courage to hire people with passion.
The recruitment team generally do not understand business and industry and hire people in the purview of structured parameters and overlook personality character required for hospitality industry.
In any industry, we see ‘ownership’ in employees is key competence factor, any service organization which fail to communicate its value and process aligned for pleasant experience for clients has to face high attrition and vulnerable employees and moreover unhappy clients.

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