Thursday, 31 August 2017

Beauty with Homeopathy!

Zinnia, just before ramp walk , i was terribly upset for having puffy eyes.
Long tiring shooting hours never allows us to follow a healthy routine. Thank god Dr Srishti picked my call at an odd hour.

International models using homoeopathy for beauty:

While Indian models may be relying on expensive cosmetic products for skin problems,International models seems to have discovered HOMOEOPATHY for their beauty problems.

At the recently concluded New York Fashion  Week ARNICA MONTANA, a homoeopathy medicine as a supplement was readily available in gels and oral supplements was used by models as a gel to cure puffiness and get instant glow.
Not just models ,designers too tried the medicine and said,"I FELT MY SKIN GLOW".
Others said ARNICA GEL is best thing for bruises.
ARNICA MONTANA cures acne ,puffiness,skin injuries and it increases blood circulation which helps in healing but one still consult a Homoeopathic Doctor before using it.
Indian models ,however are unaware of the medicine as a beauty fix.
With ARNICA u can also use other homoeopathic medicines for your beauty traetments which work in a gentle way and skin friendly without any side effects.

Dr Srishti Garg- Consultant Homeopathy , Naturopathy & Yoga Coach.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Agony of a craving mother

Agony of a craving mother
Agony of a woman undergoing infertility treatment
“I have tried each and every possible medicine on my feeble body despite of all the scary contradictions written on the leaflet. I left my job to reduce stress, I left eating all the food I loved as they say that heavy weight reduces the possibility, I forgot how to live just for you, waiting for you to show up in my uninhabited womb and give me that prodigious feeling of motherhood, that stunning, beautiful emotion which every woman yearns to feel at least once in her life. But you never even looked at me, you tiny stubborn embryo!  Your mom has been going through a hell lot of suffering but they’ll all vanish in a second once you decide to come in her life. I’m worn-out of going through that same trauma, same torture every month, same routine of seeing all my hopes smashed to smithereens. My dear baby, please choose to give me the pleasure of being your mother. I swear I would love you more than anyone else in the world.”
These are the excerpts from the diary of Gina*(taken with her permission) who has been going through infertility treatment since last 4 years and is now dragging herself into the vicious cycle of depression with every passing day. Her faith and strong optimistic nature is all that has allowed her to come this far. But no matter how strong you are, it is understandable that moments of despair and gloom come into the life of such couples sporadically.
Fortunately, nowadays our medical science has progressed so much that all kinds of treatment options are available across the counter and infertility is no longer an inexplicable problem. Thus, hope and patience is the key to the door of beatitude and contentment. The even-steven prospect of all the efforts going futile is the biggest fear of the couple, especially the mother as she starts holding herself responsible for all the miseries.
But, the foremost important thing to be remembered while going through the treatment is to keep oneself emotionally as well as physically healthy and strong. The problem of infertility is so common these days due to our sedentary and desk-bound lifestyle that no one is actually responsible for it. What is to be kept in mind is that despite of our extremely busy routines, it is always advised to spend at least 30-45 minutes out of the 24 hours for physical activity. There should be an inclusion of meditation and breathing exercises also for a peaceful and healthy mind. This would swipe away all the negativity and apprehensiveness from the mind giving it a fresh energy for a fresh start. Also, the diet should include lots of fluids and a colorful bowl of fruits. Keeping a tab on the health of your mind-body-soul is the best way to maximize the success of any treatment.                

*name changed on request.

This Blog is Authored By Charu Agarwal 

Charu Agarwal is a holistic health guide and life coach. She has done masters in Clinical Psychology and is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from California Hypnosis Institute, USA. She has also completed an online course in Psychological First Aid from John Hopkins University and on Child Health & Nutrition from Stanford University via Coursera.

Her core areas of expertise are motivational counselling, relationship guidance, clinical hypnotherapy, stress management, handwriting analysis, dream interpretation, meditative healing and psychological assessment. Her ambition is to break the stigma associated with psychological problems and bring awareness about mental health in India and outside.

Primarily, she practices clinical hypnotherapy and other psychotherapeutic modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Retraining & Supportive Therapy. Apart from these, she also performs Handwriting Analysis and Dream Interpretation. She has an expertise in making use of Graphology(Handwriting analysis) as a tool for Psychological assessment as she believes that one’s handwriting is the mirror to their subconscious mind and can help give a more clear picture of their personality.
She firmly believes in the healing power of psychotherapeutic and alternative healing practices and with less than 2 years of experience in the industry and hypnotherapy, she has already carved a place for herself with her clients.
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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Is stress beating your heart-beat?

Mukesh 45, a successful business leader from one of the best management consultancies.  At first stance no one can find out how much stressed he was, a very calm and empathetic person, reasonably decent lifestyle. But he is not happy not at all, at home and at work, happiness is out of question !
Most of the clients (I don’t like calling them patients) enter our chamber are not stressed or anxious or depressed, but then why they do suffer....?
Answer is ‘Denial’!
One of the chief triggers for stress is ‘denial’,
This leads to confusion, inability to de-clutter, inability to prioritise, so of course it impacts your decision making capabilities.
Let’s understand denial first:
We stay in denial by not accepting our ‘job profile’.  We think it is stress, but it is the way our particular job needs us to do. Choosing attitude towards same job is all about wisdom.
We deny the gestation period and except perfect results prematurely.
We deny people management, we think being nice and kind to others is people management, no its not. People Management includes understanding people’s intentions, their potential, their limitations, their insecurities, their strength and their differences.
We deny self-awareness and Improvement.
We deny our own insecurities & limitations.
We deny reality of work-ecosystem.
Now take slow three deep breaths.
Inhale.......(positivity) pause.....and exhale ( negativity)...and repeat it.
Now accept that things are going to be like have to create a new perspective and new YOU.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Mental wellness: a wide-ranging Umbrella Approach

“Ragav* is a confident young man who has chosen a direction for his life now, deciding his “rights & wrongs” on his own and even helping the young buds at an NGO germinate and flourish. His students love their new teacher, giving him more and more self-assurance, poise and energy each day. 
Raghav was diagnosed with OCD and General Anxiety Disorder and was on medication for three months before coming to us.
He was trembling, quivering with fear and stammering when he came to us for the very first time. That petty incident of losing a wrestling match to another child, double his weight and size, happened at such a tender age of 10 that it left so many bruises and deep melancholies not on his body but on his heart and took away all his self-confidence and pride in just one moment. He could not manage to recollect himself and grow up well, those tarnished remarks of his family and society still haunted him making him go deeper into his shell as each day passed.  His own shattered pride bullied him more than anyone else. Apart from losing all his confidence and morale, that innocent soul started doubting his every decision and made him despise himself to the extent that he could not even look into the mirror or review his own work. Just that one string attached to his inner strength and hope brought him to us.”

We get early success by continuous three weeks wide-ranging umbrella therapy    by holding our clients’ hand with right nutrition, yoga & exercise, cognitive restructuring, mindfulness & conscious living, motivational counselling, behaviour therapy (making practical strategy for personal development) and more importantly by creating learning opportunity by art, dance, drama, and finally creating avenues where they can exhibit their potential and capabilities. ‘Value creation’ is most important piece of our therapy, a way of non-judgemental healing which identify hidden potential of our clients and help them to achieve their professional goals.
Visiting NGOs is part of our treatment. It helps our client to value their life and blessings and make them feel important by unconditional love of underprivileged children. They get motivated to add value in their life, and by this they start taking charge of their life.
Mental wellness is achievable! Ancient Indian culture has always been preventive in its approach. The very nature of our life is harmony & union between our Mind, Body & Soul.
To achieve this very simple & natural goal of internal peace and harmony we need to follow simple ways of living.
Mindfulness: It helps us to aware about self. Our body keep talking to us, we keep ignoring, and mindfulness is all about conscious living, improves decision making and happiness & emotional quotient.
Nutrition: Right ingredients not only make you uninviting for disease but improve your recovering potential too. Plenty of fluids and colourful fruit bowl & vegetables keep your pH balanced and nourish you with multiple antioxidants.
Cognitive restructuring:  you are shaped by your thoughts. We help our clients to think with many different perspectives, which help them to grow as better human being rather having a victimised mental structure.
Yoga, Breathing & Exercise: yoga is a way to achieve union of mind body soul. Right breathing exercises supplies brain food ‘oxygen’ in right amount.
Group Therapies:  Better social skills, high self esteem & confidence lowers anxiety and help patients to accept themselves and life as it is.
Volunteer assignments: they understands others suffering better than anyone, so though they take initiatives to help others, but somewhere they heal themselves.

But still, we have to walk miles for 3 As, Awareness, Acceptance and Advocacy. Healthcare professionals, Corporate & Organizations, Educational institutes, and NGOs have to walk together for creating local leadership for training & development.
 (*Name Changed)

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Healthcare: no Room for Mistakes Five mistakes all Healthcare Marketers do

# Healthcare Marketing Strategies part 1

Healthcare: no Room for Mistakes
Five mistakes all Healthcare Marketers do

Healthcare! Sensitivity of this business is highly ignored by marketers.
It’s not just health, hospitality counts more than right disease management.
There is no room for mistakes!!! A healthcare marketer has to face lot many challenges, managing ego of doctors, corporate clients, patients and their family, quacks and not to miss media.
This industry is getting attention of investors, needless to say seeing potential in India. Unfortunately healthcare providers are missing the soul of marketing. Bridging the gap is not a rocket science, before making actions change in thoughts required.
Marketing is more than raising sales and bringing business. Here I am talking about five common mistakes almost all small or big corporate hospitals making day to day basis.
1-      Thinking front office is different from marketing  
No inclusion of front office executives in marketing team: This is probably the biggest mistake I notice every hospital making.
Front office; the face of hospital, should be led by passionate marketer professionals but objectives from hiring to training to grooming are just aligned with billing, smiling and better communication skills.
Grooming passion is important more, if you seek better services for your client you need to convey about core values of relationship development with customers.

2-      Promotional Events are not aligned with the vision of hospital
Each communication from hospital stimulate public to create perception and defines hospitals’ value system. Generally there are not defined and structured goals (tangible or intangible) from an event small or large.
3-      Reaching same population again and again
One of the most stupid strategy, events are not utilized to enter new market, reaching same population does not add much value.

4-      Underutilization of existing system
Not using current resources appropriately, lack of integration while designing strategy. Inability to understand role of comprehensive and integrated efforts to achieve desired goals.
5-      Imposing your need to clients :
Mostly products/events/programs are designed according to hospitals’ need without understanding clients’ need. The gap generally lead to create a disconnect in patient’s mind and hospital also bear loss of resources- time and money for promoting events.

Organizations do not have courage to hire people with passion.
The recruitment team generally do not understand business and industry and hire people in the purview of structured parameters and overlook personality character required for hospitality industry.
In any industry, we see ‘ownership’ in employees is key competence factor, any service organization which fail to communicate its value and process aligned for pleasant experience for clients has to face high attrition and vulnerable employees and moreover unhappy clients.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

'Work' contributes nothing for stress at work

Stress generally flow from top to bottom. Unknowingly, senior management translate its anxiety on employees. And fears and insecurities travel with speed of light and hamper productivity and company has to bear this cost in long run.
Rajesh Agarwal is one of the chief founder members of a hospitality chain which was started ten years back in a reasonably potential market. Once upon a time they were leaders, but later big entrants came and of course big lines made it small, but still its sustaining because of mid size market, not just sustaining, but entered in a new market. Company is doing good, but every second person is under stress.

Manish is vice president of company, he has to take care of other projects, he has no direct concern with the parent company but sits in corporate office.

Prabhudh is new Director hired by company to take parent company to another heights. he is a business graduate from London and a seasoned professional with clear vision and goals.
Ravi is Purchase Head and recently was asked to put his papers down on ethical grounds,  Manish, vice president doubted him for making some favourable deals to his close relatives. Another marketing guy is also fired for performance deficit.
Rajesh asked Prabudh to fire Ravi.
I am on panel of this organization.
Rajesh is stressed, Manish is stressed, Prabudh is stressed, Ravi and his team in a shock, environment is like as if terrorist attack just happened.
Middle management thinks its senior management which is responsible for creating stress. When I listen to Senior Management, I feel they are stressed more.

Amazingly its not work to be blamed for stress. Its about emotional health of organization which is primarily emotional health of each on of us.
Prabudh was terribly upset, when he had to ask Ravi to resign, because he was close to him.
Prabudh's view point: "Since Ravi was close to me, he was fired because of that"

Rajesh:  "Ravi must have been unethical, he might be earning money by all possible means. but he was a key member to lose. he must be taking good clients with him."

Manish: " I don't know how long I am in this organization, Prabudh is smarter than me."

Ravi: "I did not do anything, why me ? I had given several years to this organizations. Now what?"

When I investigated and spoke to each one individually.
It was Manish's insecurities and fears which was passing on to Rajesh and Prabudh.
Rajesh has to take several crucial business decision,  when he came to know about Manish Concerns he just asked Prabudh to fire Ravi without any investigations. He trusts Manish because they are peers for several years.
When I met Manish individually and spend some hours, I could sense, Ravi being in Purchase is aware of crimes of others and he could be a threat to others, so it was Manish, not Ravi who deserve termination.

would you have been firing Manish, who a good friend? Prabudh feels victimised at times by small mind games.
Few years back over a cup of coffee I said to Rajesh, " you don't delegate!! should hire good people and let them do their work."

Now I am answerable to Rajesh, when he trusted one of his key team member made decision and Rajesh respected it and now .......we know the story.

What will you do if you were Rajesh Agarwal?